Meet Our Care Team

What is a Care Team?

A care team is a group of health professionals and support staff working together with the patient to achieve a common purpose. As a patient, YOU are the team captain of your team!

Patient-centered care teams deliver care that is respectful of and responsive to their individual patient preferences, needs, and values.

Care Team Roles:

Primary Care Provider (PCP): Your PCP is the physician who knows you best and who is ultimately responsible for your overall medical care. He or She prescribes medications and orders any necessary screening and diagnostic studies, referrals to specialists, and any other medical treatment. Your PCP also discusses and reviews your care plan and goals with you.

Physician Assistant (PA): Your PA is a specially trained professional who works collaboratively with your physician. He or she can diagnose and treat many of the same conditions as your PCP and can order tests and prescribe medications. They also work very closely with your PCP in reviewing your care plan and goals with you.

Nurse Practitioner (NP): Your NP is a registered nurse who has higher education and training in a particular area, such as pediatrics or family practice. Nurse Practitioners have a master’s degree, known as a MSN, as well as board certification in their specialty. Your NP is available to provide comprehensive care and review your care plan and goals.

Medical Assistant (MA): Your MA is the person that escorts you from the waiting room to the exam room, takes your vital signs and updates your clinical information in your medical record. They can also perform certain diagnostic tests like EKG, draw your blood, and administer injections.

Patient Service Coordinator (PSC): Your PSC is the person who obtains your current demographic and insurance information. He or she also schedules your appointments, works with your insurance, and helps coordinate your care across settings by following up with you after you are seen by another provider or reminds you regarding studies that you need done.